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  • 05/03/2021
    Meeting Room Webcast: US SMID Equity, March 2021
    Mark Sherlock
    Join the US Equities team for the Federated Hermes Meeting Room: Virtual Portfolio Briefing focused on US SMID Equity.
  • 22/02/2021
    Can palm oil ever be considered sustainable?
    Elena Tedesco
    With monocropping one of the main causes of deforestation, palm oil production needs to change. Rather than staging a boycott, responsible investors should engage with companies across the supply chain to encourage the adoption of globally recognised certification standards
  • 12/02/2021
    The Meeting Room Webcast: Asia ex-Japan, February 2021
    Jonathan Pines
    Join Jonathan Pines and Sandy Pei for the Federated Hermes Meeting Room: Virtual Portfolio Briefing on Asia ex-Japan
  • 10/02/2021
    Global Emerging Markets engagement case study: Baozun
    Elena Tedesco
    We demonstrate how we are engaging with portfolio holding Baozun.
  • 09/02/2021
    Global Emerging Markets positive impact case study: Tech Mahindra
    Elena Tedesco
    In this case study, we demonstrate how current holding Tech Mahindra is creating positive impact aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • 22/01/2021
    SDG Engagement Equity commentary: Glanbia
    Will Pomroy
    We are engaging with current holding Glanbia to create positive impacts on society.