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  • 22/01/2021
    SDG Engagement Equity commentary: Glanbia
    Will Pomroy
    We are engaging with current holding Glanbia to create positive impacts on society.
  • 12/01/2021
    New research shows Covid has accelerated the social awakening
    Lewis Grant
    New research from the Global Equities team at the international business of Federated Hermes shows that companies with good or improving social practices can potentially add up to 17bps each month to returns.
  • 09/12/2020
    ESG investing: how Covid-19 accelerated the social awakening
    Lewis Grant
    We examine how ESG factors have behaved during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • 02/12/2020
    Your Questions Answered by Impact Opportunities
    The top 10 questions that clients and prospective clients ask our investment teams.
  • 20/11/2020
    SDG Engagement Equity commentary: Alliant
    Will Pomroy
    Alliant is on course to transform the energy mix it uses to generate electricity.
  • 12/11/2020
    The coronavirus and its impact on SDG 8
    Aoifinn Devitt
    How can the actions of companies affect SDG 8? Has the coronavirus interrupted progress towards this goal?