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  • 05/06/2020
    Corporate purpose: how can companies create social value?
    Hans-Christoph Hirt
    How can we make purpose more meaningful and embed it into the operations of companies?
  • 05/06/2020
    Federated Hermes marks World Environment Day
    Over the past year, there has been a notable shift in awareness off the burgeoning climate emergency and our troubled relationship with nature and biodiversity
  • 20/05/2020
    Gemologist: can we adapt to a new climate normal?
    Gary Greenberg
    Climate change will test our ability to avoid mortal danger more than ever before. Humanity’s ability to adapt, something we have excelled at, must again come to the fore.
  • 09/03/2020
    Gender equality: investor engagement moves the needle
    Marking International Women's Day, we discuss engaging for gender equality in the corporate world.
  • 20/02/2020
    The Circular Edition 1, 2020: keeping you in the sustainability loop
    Our key analysis and insights about sustainable investment.
  • 03/02/2020
    A pioneer of responsible investing
    Our story as a leader in responsible investment has been decades in the making.