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Japan’s Asset Management One appoints Hermes EOS for stewardship services

Hermes Investment Management has today announced that its stewardship and engagement team, Hermes EOS, has been appointed by Asset Management One (AMO). Hermes EOS will be providing AMO, one of the largest asset managers in Asia, with a range of engagement services on the firms’ ¥4.7 trillion worth of global holdings (ex Japan) across a variety of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Hans-Christoph Hirt, Head of Hermes EOS, said: “We are proud to have been appointed by AMO to offer our experience and expertise and represent the firm through engagements with companies from across the globe. We have been engaging with companies for over 20 years, building a compelling story for responsible investment. Moreover, we have an incredibly effective group of highly skilled, multi-national professionals, all committed to engaging leading businesses on environmental, social and governance issues. We look forward to working closely with AMO across our engagement programme and increasing the value of investee companies for long-term shareholders.”

Akitoshi Masuda, Chief Investment Officer at Asset Management One, said: “We set up the Responsible Investment Department when the company was formed in October 2016 and have been working towards sustainable value creation at domestic companies through engagement mainly on ESG themes. We are pleased to form a partnership with Hermes EOS, which will enable us to start engaging with overseas companies. We hope that our collaboration with experienced analysts at Hermes will lead to long-term value enhancement of investee companies.”

This appointment follows the Pension Fund Association (PFA) of Japan, which became the first Japan-based client for Hermes EOS in March 2016 and represents the growing importance of corporate governance in the Japanese market.

Hermes EOS is one of the world’s leading stewardship services, currently advising on $330.4bn* on behalf of its clients. In 2016, the Hermes EOS team engaged with 562 companies on 1,408 environmental, social and ethical, governance, strategy and risk issues.

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