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Biodiversity Equity Report, Q4 2022

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23 December 2022 |
In our inaugural edition of the Federated Hermes Biodiversity Equity report, we shine a light on farming. As we face a climate emergency, agriculture is part of the problem – but could also be part of the solution.
Biodiversity Equity Report, Q4 2022

In this report, we outline why industrialised farming practices, while designed to boost yields, are having a devastating effect on the environment and how the industry can help by transitioning to a more sustainable approach.

Fast reading:

  • Our fast-growing global population poses a significant challenge for farmers: how can we produce more food in a way that is sustainable for the long term?
  • Investor engagement is key to encouraging companies to put the environment first. It’s why we recommend companies commit to having a net-positive impact on biodiversity in their operations and supply chains.
  • In this report, we focus on two agricultural portfolio holdings whose approaches are helping to protect species and their habitats, promoting the biodiversity our world needs to thrive.

Federated Hermes Biodiversity Equity, Q4 2022

 To find out more about our Biodiversity Equity Strategy, please visit this link.

Biodiversity Equity Report, Q4 2022

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