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Public Engagement Report Q1 2021

The Public Engagement Report highlights some of the stewardship activities undertaken by EOS at Federated Hermes on behalf of its clients over Q1 2021.

Our cover story this quarter looks at the car market, where instead of making real progress towards Paris Agreement goals, many auto manufacturers are exploiting offsets and loopholes to meet EU emissions standards. We explore how we are engaging with this sector to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles.

Also in this issue:

  • Engaging on human rights risks in supply chains – looking at high-risk sectors such as textiles, construction, and agriculture
  • Access all areas – how virtual shareholder meetings can support investor stewardship, if they are conducted well
  • Company engagement highlights - A selection of short company case studies highlighting areas where we have completed objectives or can demonstrate significant progress

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EOS Client Service and Business Development

Amy D’Eugenio,
Head of Client Service and Business Development, EOS