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Fixed Income

  • 19/08/2019
    360° – Fixed Income Report, Q3 2019
    Andrew Jackson
    Where next after the market's fall and rise?
  • 31/07/2019
    Delta: sub-zero high yield
    Andrew Jackson
    What is it like to operate in a negative-yield environment?
  • 16/07/2019
    Back to basics: a contrarian look at cyclicals
    Anna Chong
    Which cyclical basic-materials companies could successfully weather a slowdown?
  • 08/07/2019
    Hermes Unconstrained Credit celebrates one-year anniversary
    Andrew Jackson
    One year on from its launch, we ask: how has Hermes Unconstrained Credit performed?
  • 01/07/2019
    Pricing ESG risk in sovereign credit
    Mitch Reznick
    Building on our studies showing a strong relationship between the environmental, social and governance performance...
  • 01/07/2019
    New research highlights correlation between ESG and sovereign spreads
    Countries that score highest on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues benefit from tighter credit default swap (CDS) spreads than those with lower ESG scores...