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EOS 2021 Annual Review

EOS publishes 2021 Annual Review, with full engagement and voting highlights.

Fast reading

  • Reflections from COP26, plus an update on our Climate Action 100+ activity
  • Social inequalities and the pandemic – engaging on worker rights
  • Q&As with engagers on biodiversity, AMR, fast fashion and Myanmar
  • Case studies on Lukoil, Ahold Delhaize, Samsonite and others

Although the Covid-19 pandemic continued to exact a heavy toll in 2021, the climate crisis returned to the fore with extreme weather events around the globe, and the starkest warning yet from scientists in the run up to the UN’s COP26 climate summit.

In EOS’s 2021 Annual Review of its engagement activities and voting recommendations, we take an in-depth look at the climate crisis, with Bruce Duguid, our head of stewardship, reflecting on the outcomes from COP26. We also outline the progress made through collaborative engagement initiative Climate Action 100+, as well as showcasing our work on biodiversity and fast fashion.

Throughout the year we continued to engage with companies on their response to the pandemic, which has exacerbated existing social and economic inequalities. We focused on the most material human capital issues in our engagements, as we believe that increased productivity and business sustainability is achieved through investment in the workforce. For example, we looked at elements underpinning worker safety, including paid sick leave and the provision of personal protective equipment, as well as company policies on parental leave.

The EOS 2021 Annual Review also includes a comprehensive look back at the voting season, characterised by votes on companies’ climate transition plans in some markets, and shareholder proposals for racial equity audits. We also explore the specific challenges of engaging in emerging markets, and how these can be overcome.

To find out more, read the EOS 2021 Annual Review.

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EOS Client Service and Business Development

Amy D’Eugenio,
Head of Client Service and Business Development, EOS