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Public Engagement Report Q1 2022

EOS Insight
3 May 2022 |
The Public Engagement Report highlights some of the stewardship activities undertaken by EOS at Federated Hermes on behalf of its clients over Q1 2022.

In our cover feature this quarter we take an in-depth look at the chemical sector and its difficult path to decarbonisation. Like steel, which we explored in our Q2 2021 Public Engagement Report, the chemical sector is considered a hard-to-abate industry. US engager Joanne Beatty guides us through some of the challenges and explains how the sector can play a key role in the low carbon transition.

Also in this issue:

  • The digital dilemma – Regulation has failed to keep pace with the digital revolution, leading to social harms that pose risks for companies, investors and individuals. Nick Pelosi highlights the work we have been doing to help address these issues.
  • Q&A: Digital rights in China – Yu-Ting Fu explains China’s new legislation on data privacy and data security, and how we have been engaging with Chinese tech companies.
  • Creating value by addressing social injustice – Board and workforce composition and the inequitable impacts of business practices on diverse communities reflect and perpetuate underlying racial and ethnic injustices. Diana Glassman and Emily DeMasi outline how addressing social injustice can help to create long-term value.

Public Engagement Report - Q1 2022

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