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Impact Opportunities Fund, Q4 2022

19 December 2022 |
In this quarter’s report, we take a deep dive into the complexities of UN SDG 6, clean water and sanitation, and discuss why it is so vital to life on this planet, the issues surrounding supply/demand, and how to bridge the water gap.
Impact Opportunities, Q4 2022

The UN estimates that currently, 73 million people live in countries with high and critical levels of water stress. By 2030, billions will lack access to safe drinking water, toilets and handwashing facilities – unless the pace of progress increases fourfold.

As an investor that aims to generate positive and sustainable change, we see poor water practices as a material risk. We believe investing in businesses that manage water responsibly is not only the right thing to do but will deliver more sustainable long-term value.

Fast reading:

  • Closing the water gap is one of the major challenges for society and the planet. But allowing this gap to grow is not an option: achieving SDG6 is vital for saving lives.
  • We urgently need to accelerate progress, taking a joined-up approach that brings together policymakers, public and private investment, infrastructure improvements and maintenance, technological advances, incentives, and behavioural change.
  • Plus, this report contains an update on the fund’s exposure by impact theme, and looks more closely at two portfolio holdings: Ecolab and AECOM.

Impact Opportunities, Q4 2022

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Impact Opportunities, Q4 2022

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