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Delta: behind the scenes at Hermes Fixed Income

What is the day-to-day environment like on the investment desk at Hermes Fixed Income, or among sales teams? From portfolios to pitches, we take listeners behind the scenes for candid insights into our firm and its people.

In the sixth episode of Delta, Andrew ‘Jacko’ Jackson asks Anna Chong, Senior Credit Analyst, and Dan Churchouse, Director of UK Wholesale sales, about a day in their lives at Hermes: what attracted you to the business, and why do you stay? What is the toughest question that a client has asked you? What’s it like on the bad days, when markets are down?

The flat structure of the credit team appeals to Chong: “Nothing happens in a vacuum. It’s always very useful to talk to analysts across the team because we cover different sectors. Because I cover steel, it’s useful to talk to the autos analyst.”

For Churchouse, client demand for high-quality data, transparency and long-term partnerships is changing the nature of sales. “There is an increased focus on technical ability – each sales person has their own niche, and bringing these niches together delivers you a good sales team,” he says.

What’s life like inside Hermes? Tune in to Delta.

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