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  • 17/02/2020
    Asia ex-Japan Strategy Update 2020
    Jonathan Pines
    Jonathan Pines, Lead Manager, gives an update on the Hermes Asia ex-Japan Strategy.
  • 12/02/2020
    Global Emerging Markets: 2020 country allocation review
    Kunjal Gala
    The novel coronavirus spreading from China has shocked markets and clouded the outlook for global growth.
  • 29/01/2020
    Monthly Fund Commentary, December 2019
    Please find below a summary of performance, activity and outlook for Hermes Equities from our fund managers.
  • 07/01/2020
    The (new) working world: promoting workplace well-being
    Will Pomroy
    This is the third part of a four-part paper on SDG 8 – decent work and economic growth.
  • 06/01/2020
    Sustainable agriculture: the economics of healthy soil
    Eoin Murray
    Where is modern industrial agriculture taking us?
  • 16/12/2019
    Global Emerging Markets: ESG Materiality, Q3 2019
    Elena Tedesco
    How are we positioned to benefit from the shift to renewable energy?