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Fixed Income

  • 29/03/2021
    Weekly Credit Insight
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    Dispersion in year-to-date returns across various parts of the global credit universe.
  • 19/03/2021
    Delta: Is this a bubble or not?
    Andrew Jackson
    The financial press has been awash with news of bubbles recently. And while governments have pledged to keep interest rates low until a recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is underway, concerns about the inflated price of everything from equities to Bitcoin are beginning to weigh on investor confidence. In the latest episode of Delta, we ask: is all this talk of bubbles nothing but hot air? Are we in a bubble and, if so, is it sure to pop?
  • 19/03/2021
    Fiorino: bond themes and late-cycle mood music: as rates go up-tempo, markets rotate
    Filippo Alloatti
    As global economies emerge from the Covid-19 doldrums, bond markets could be tiring. But late-stage fixed income dynamics can also play out well for astute investors. Fiorino conducts a brief enquiry.
  • 16/03/2021
    Weekly Credit Insight
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    Looking dispersion to assess the expected idiosyncratic volatility for individual companies.
  • 15/03/2021
    Pricing ESG risk in credit markets: through volatility, our conviction affirmed
    Mitch Reznick
    Companies with better ESG practices tend to have lower CDS spreads, even after controlling for credit risks.
  • 12/03/2021
    Credit Pulse: market update – 12 March 2021
    Fraser Lundie
    How does the fixed-income team use different types of loans to protect investments from inflation in this current environment and why have asset-backed securities (ABS) grown more attractive as concerns over rates increase?