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Delta: positive returns from returners

What advice would you give to somebody returning to work after parental leave, or seeking a better work-life balance as a financial professional? How has caring for your children positively impacted your family and the company you work for?

This episode of Delta considers how investment professionals’ lives beyond the markets can enhance their work and wellbeing. Speaking with three mothers in the Hermes Fixed Income team at different stages of the return-to-work journey, Jacko discusses the challenges and joys of being a working parent, and the flexibility required from companies to enable people at this stage of life to perform at their full potential. He also asks each for their latest insights on the markets they cover: liquid credit, direct lending and real-estate debt.

“I found that having children gave me a completely different perspective on life,” says Nachu Chockalingam, Senior Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio Manager at Hermes. “It reignited my passion to return to work – so that I can provide for them and give them a good future.”

Angela Sheahan, an Analyst in the Hermes Asset Based Lending team, says: “I’m definitely much more productive during my hours in the office now than I was before I went on maternity leave…and I have got better at prioritising my work.”  

It’s important for employers to be flexible “so that the employee feels that they can do their job, their manager feels secure that the employee can and will perform," says Maria van der Veer, a Director in the Hermes Private Debt and CLO team. “People returning from parental leave are coming back to work because they want to work, and they want to perform at their best,” she says.

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