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Federated Hermes sponsors WWF Tiger Trail

To mark the Lunar New Year of the Tiger 2022, WWF-Singapore is launching an island-wide Tiger Trail of life-sized tiger art sculptures and tiger-inspired art pieces, designed and decorated by renowned international and local artists, housed against the backdrop of iconic Singapore landmarks. The initiative has been designed to captivate people and the community by combining education, engagement, art and conservation in a celebration of nature and biodiversity.

By sponsoring a tiger, Federated Hermes is delighted to support the Tiger Trail in its objective to educate the community and raise awareness of biodiversity in Singapore and the wider Asian region. The tiger sculptures will be auctioned at Sotheby's in the Spring to raise funds to support tiger and forest conservation in Southeast Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Tigers are a touchstone for many other benefits provided by the ecosystems in which they live, that have a positive impact on human well-being, economy and culture. 


Find out more about the WWF-Singapore Tiger Trail:

Learn more about WWF's efforts in tiger conservation:

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