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360° – Fixed Income report, Q1 2019

Turbulence, disruption and uncertainty have always provided opportunities for the savvy fixed-income investor. Paradoxically, the main sources of uncertainty – Brexit, protectionism, political upheaval and end-of-cycle angst – have become almost constants in the investment universe, calling for a more forensic and nuanced approach.

In the latest issue of 360°, Andrew Jackson, Head of Fixed Income at Hermes, and his team of specialist investors provide a quarterly outlook of risks and opportunities across the credit spectrum – from public to private debt, leveraged loans, structured securities and asset-based lending. 

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360° – Fixed Income report, Q2 2019
Where next after the market's fall and rise?
End-of-bull market rumours may be exaggerated
Turbulence, disruption and uncertainty have always provided instances of opportunity for the savvy fixed income investor.
Hermes expands global credit team with emerging market debt appointment
Hermes Investment Management, the $46.9 billion manager, has announced the appointment of Nachu Chockalingam as Senior Emerging Market Debt Portfolio Manager. Based in London, Nachu reports into Fraser Lundie, Co-Head of Credit. The appointment is representative of the firm’s approach to providing current and prospective clients with access to all areas of global credit markets. Nachu will help manage the performance and risk of existing emerging market allocations across all liquid credit strategies. This includes the Hermes Unconstrained Credit Fund, which was launched in May 2018 and has since raised $386 million[1].
360° Fixed income report Q4 2018
Being a perma-bear is a little like a football coach selecting proven yet underperforming players and tactics in a season of poor results: changing course is difficult once you’ve invested a lot in a team roster and strategy, even though most enthusiasts understand that the game has moved on. But there is a key difference: the perma-bears know that the longer they are wrong, the more likely they are to be correct tomorrow. We should therefore not ignore perma-bears, while also trying to avoid the trap of being wrong for the wrong reasons.
360° - Fixed Income Report, Q3 2018
When I started writing this launch issue of 360°, I aimed to provide catchy, easy-to-understand predictions followed by non-consensus opinions that would grab your attention. Unfortunately, I can’t give you either: disappointingly, my core views are currently profoundly vanilla. A summary of my core views is as follows: Credit fundamentals and affordability are positive.  Having been stretched, valuations are now more attractive and the relative value of credit against equities appears favourable. Technicals are severely stretched in certain credit sectors, but are broadly neutral or positive. The complexity and illiquidity premia of certain sectors and instruments still offer significant value for investors with the required access and tolerance for risk.
Macy’s in a muddle
Despite an improving domestic economy, the US retail industry is under pressure. Changing consumer preferences, falling tourist numbers, unseasonal weather and the rise of fashion e-retailers are among the reasons why US retailers – and department stores in particular – are struggling. Fraser Lundie, Co-Head of Credit, and Ilana Elbim, Credit Analyst at Hermes Investment Management, explain how they responded to this structural change with a defensive trade involving Macy’s, whose flawed strategy for reviving sales has proved one of the least effective in the sector.

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