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  • 02/07/2021
    SDG Engagement Equity commentary: Fortune Brands
    Will Pomroy
    Over the period of our investment, we have met extensively with management to discuss issues of interest and have been encouraged by the progress made.
  • 01/07/2021
    Global Equities: introducing our Sustainability Assessment Framework
    Louise Dudley
    We have constructed a framework for evaluating a company’s capacity to facilitate Sustainable Wealth Creation
  • 24/06/2021
    Global Emerging Markets: country allocation review, H1 2021
    Kunjal Gala
    We consider our half-year country allocations for global emerging markets.
  • 25/05/2021
    A burning issue: decarbonising the global steel industry
    Anna Chong
    We look at the available options for steelmakers to decarbonise throughout their value chains.
  • 14/05/2021
    The Meeting Room Webcast: Global Emerging Markets, May 2021
    Kunjal Gala
    As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the coronavirus, the Global Emerging Markets team reflect on recent performance, and discuss the outlook for Global Emerging Markets from both a market and portfolio positioning perspective.
  • 13/05/2021
    The mindful investor
    Aoifinn Devitt
    Can investment professionals benefit from approaching their working day more mindfully?