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We are an asset manager with a difference.

We believe that, while our primary purpose is helping beneficiaries retire better by providing world class active investment management and stewardship services, our role goes further. We believe we have a duty to deliver holistic returns - outcomes for our clients that go far beyond the financial and consider the impact our decisions have on society, the environment and the wider world. Our goal is to help people invest better, retire better and create a better society for all.

ESG integration, world-class engagement, growing wealth and sustainability help us to achieve outcomes beyond performance across our products. Discover our latest case studies below.

Supporting conversations between a large Asian financial conglomerate and local union meant that we succeeded in our push for better governance and working conditions

Our engagement with a US global leader in software, has demonstrated their strong commitment to the right of privacy as well as human rights of those it affects across its value chain

A global oil giant is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters. The use of its products is responsible for substantially more greenhouse gas emissions than its own direct activities, making it a very important actor in the battle against climate change

Working with a Spanish wind turbine manufacturer focused on driving down the LCoE for wind power, contributing to the delivery of the seventh and 13th UN SDGs

Investing in companies that are listening to our influence in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Working with a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer to engage across the company’s approach to labour practices and human capital management to ensure an evolving business model in a highly competitive business environment

Investing into North Manchester is contributing to the economic and cultural transformation in the city centre


Improving workplace conditions and using renewable energy has improved the quality of this clothing manufacturer


Successful pressure for board reform at a Brazilian global oil giant has led to a strategic turnaround and strengthened corporate governance


Engaging with a leading Chinese dairy producer on better governance and operations, supporting an improvement in its milk quality


Investing in King’s Cross with a strong ethos of community provision: new schools, public parks and open spaces