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  • 24/06/2021
    Global Emerging Markets: country allocation review, H1 2021
    Kunjal Gala
    We consider our half-year country allocations for global emerging markets.
  • 25/05/2021
    A burning issue: decarbonising the global steel industry
    Anna Chong
    We look at the available options for steelmakers to decarbonise throughout their value chains.
  • 21/05/2021
    SDG Engagement Equity commentary: Clean Harbors
    Will Pomroy
    We demonstrate how we are engaging with current holding Clear Harbors to create positive impacts on society.
  • 14/05/2021
    The Meeting Room Webcast: Global Emerging Markets, May 2021
    Kunjal Gala
    As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the coronavirus, the Global Emerging Markets team reflect on recent performance, and discuss the outlook for Global Emerging Markets from both a market and portfolio positioning perspective.
  • 13/05/2021
    Federated Hermes reveals proprietary database to quantify total impact of AUM and holdings on behalf of clients
    Ingrid Kukuljan
    Our Impact Database provides clients with indication of how their capital allocation is helping achieve positive impact
  • 13/05/2021
    The mindful investor
    Aoifinn Devitt
    Can investment professionals benefit from approaching their working day more mindfully?