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Video: Direct Lending - Introduction to the strategy

Securing yield through long-term lending partnerships.

Hermes Direct Lending Introduction

Patrick Marshall, Head of Private Debt and CLOs, introduces the Hermes Direct Lending Strategy, which aims to lend to attractive, growing businesses on terms seeking capital preservation and yield capture.

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Your Questions Answered by Hermes Direct Lending
We are joined by the Hermes Direct Lending team for our quarterly Q&A series.
Video: Direct Lending - Market outlook
Mark Miller, Head of Global Client Group, speaks to Patrick Marshall, Head of Private Debt and CLOs, about the current market outlook for direct lending strategies across Europe, where Patrick outlines why he thinks we are currently in an aggressive market.
Prestiti cov-lite: il “new normal”, ma a quale costo?
In Europa le protezioni sui prestiti stanno scomparendo. Oggi i prestiti cov-lite sono la norma nell’ambito dei finanziamenti alle società a grande capitalizzazione, mentre i prestiti cov-loose e quelli add-back legati all’EBITDA stanno guadagnando quote di mercato tra le medie imprese.
Hermes expands global fixed income team with private debt hire
Hermes Investment Management, the £36 billion manager, has announced the expansion of its global fixed income team, with the appointment of Carina Spitzkopf as a Director for Private Debt.
Amplified: European SME Lending Market
Despite ongoing disintermediation in the European direct-lending market, strong origination agreements with banks continue to be vital to access high-quality loans – particularly in the mid-market space. In this podcast Patrick Marshall, Head of Private Debt and CLOs and Laura Vaughan, Head of Direct Lending explain why.
Ways to successfully tap Europe's rich direct lending pipeline
In an era of rising correlations, institutional investors are increasing exposure to alternative asset classes. At the forefront of this trend is direct lending, where institutional investors can access sustainable yields and sources of uncorrelated returns. In his latest insight, Patrick Marshall, Head of Private Debt and CLOs at Hermes Investment Management, discusses how to successfully tap expanding opportunities in European direct lending.