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Our engagement with a US global leader in software has demonstrated their strong commitment to the right of privacy, as well as human rights of those it affects across its value chain.

This US global leader in software faces a host of complex issues: protecting the rights of its customers to privacy and to freedom of expression while protecting the public and the most vulnerable from cybercrime and real-world threats, such as terrorism, child abuse and human trafficking. It must also aim to minimise human rights abuses in its supply chain.

Human Rights

We have been in dialogue on human rights with the company for a number of years

Balancing Act

Balanced with the requests of government law-enforcement agencies for data to fight crime, including terrorism

Right of Privacy

Our discussions have included he right of privacy

The US software company seeks to protect and improve the human rights outcomes of those who are affected by the company’s activities in any way. The depth and breadth of our interactions with the company on human rights continues to demonstrate their concern for human rights and we are pleased that it has spent so much time seeking our views and explaining its efforts.

These case studies are examples of companies we have either held or engaged with. 
Source: Hermes Investment Management