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A global oil giant is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters globally. Moreover, the use of its products is responsible for substantially more greenhouse gas emissions than its own direct activities. It is therefore a very important actor in the battle against climate change.


Hermes EOS has had multiple one-to-one meetings on climate change with global oil giant

Carbon Pricing

We encouraged the company to support carbon pricing


An open dialogue has increased mutual understanding of the company's and investors' ideas on climate change

Hermes EOS has encouraged the company to explain its climate change strategy more clearly and we are pleased with the company’s considerable efforts to address this. In addition to one-to-one meetings at the company’s headquarters, we co-signed the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change carbon asset risk letter in 2013. The company wrote a public, detailed response which has moved forward the debate on what oil and gas companies should do in response to climate change. Alongside this written response, the company facilitated two lengthy meetings for interested investors on the issue in 2013 and 2014. We have recently encouraged the company to support carbon pricing publicly and explicitly and we look forward to continuing our dialogue with the company and other important players in the climate change debate to encourage development of meaningful and progressive carbon pricing internationally.

The company’s greater willingness to engage so deeply in the debate on climate change is a significant step forward for the company and the industry. Along with most of the major oil and gas companies, it has rejected emissions reduction and intensity targets across its business but has explained that each of its business units has efficiency targets.

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Source: Hermes Investment Management.