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  • 21st December 2020
    Rolls-Royce case study
    Andy Jones
    Despite the immediate pressures of the coronavirus crisis, Rolls-Royce’s CEO has reiterated that the climate emergency has not waned.
  • 23rd November 2020
    Limited shelf life? Why the fast fashion model is under strain
    Lisa Lange
    The fast fashion industry has a detrimental impact on the environment, but more people switched to online retailers when pandemic lockdowns shuttered high street stores.
  • 16th November 2020
    Our debt to nature
    Sonya Likhtman
    For the most part, companies have taken the immense value of nature for granted, but global ecosystems are now threatened at unprecedented levels.
  • 2nd November 2020
    The struggle for renewables in Japan
    Haonan Wu
    Japan has set a target to become carbon neutral by 2050, but how will it get there?
  • 28th October 2020
    Public Engagement Report Q3 2020
    The Public Engagement Report highlights some of the stewardship activities undertaken by EOS at Federated Hermes on behalf of its clients over Q3 2020.
  • 22nd October 2020
    Climate change and human rights
    Pauline Lecoursonnois
    Climate change is not only having a devastating impact on the environment, it is also a human rights issue.