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Fixed Income

  • 10th August 2020
    Webinar: structured credit in a low-rate environment
    Andrew Lennox
    Andrew Jackson, Head of Fixed Income, is joined by his colleagues in the Credit team to discuss the impact of the crisis on structured credit and the value the asset class can add to a flexible-credit portfolio.
  • 10th August 2020
    Credit: Industry Insights
    Audra Stundziaite
    Audra Delport, CFA, Deputy Head of Credit Research, discusses the most surprising developments from the Q2 energy earnings season so far.
  • 4th August 2020
    Weekly Credit Insight
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    US and European credit-market performance diverged significantly in July.
  • 28th July 2020
    360°: credit investing in the coronavirus era
    Andrew Jackson
    What is our current view of fixed-income markets? And where do we see the best relative value?
  • 28th July 2020
    Credit: Industry Insights (financials)
    Filippo Alloatti
    Filippo Alloatti, Senior Credit Analyst, shares his views on financials.
  • 27th July 2020
    Fiorino: why bank debt investors should care about MDA
    Filippo Alloatti
    Increasingly, the Maximum Distributable Amount is a key metric that bank debt investors need to keep an eye on.