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By investing in companies that are listening to our influence in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe it is more likely to lead to outcomes that benefit investors, businesses and society.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal set of goals, targets and indicators for global development. There are 17 SDGs, and within these goals there are 169 targets and 230 indicators, which seek to realise the human rights of all and achieve gender equality, among other issues. They serve as a blueprint for significantly changing the world – by ending global poverty, safeguarding the planet and aiming for prosperity for all – by 2030. Established by the UN in September 2015, the SDGs were adopted by the international community, including 193 governments.

Catalysing Impact

Engaging for positive outcomes by aligning corporate outputs with the SDGs, rather than investing in already impactful businesses

Investment Expertise

As experienced stock-pickers, we have a strong 30-year track record in small - and mid-cap equities - an asset class ripe for improvement through engagement

Serving Investors and Society

Companies focused on the SDGs meet society's enduring needs - sources of persistent demand that provide long-term growth opportunities

The Hermes SDG Engagement Equity Strategy aims to generate attractive investment returns and positive social and environmental impacts – particularly in emerging markets – through engagements focused on the SDGs. The SDGs are an ambitious, universal set of objectives agreed by UN member states. We believe that there are compelling opportunities to create such change and long-term value among small- and mid-cap businesses, many of which are not typical engagement targets of either shareholders or NGOs, yet whose operations and supply chains provide rich potential for improvement and the direct access required for successful engagement.

These case studies are examples of companies we have either held or engaged with.