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Investing in companies making a positive impact on people and the planet.

Martin Todd and Mark Sherlock

We aim to outperform by investing in companies succeeding in their core purpose: to generate value by creating positive and sustainable change. By meeting the underserved needs of society and the environment, these impactful businesses are directly exposed to sources of enduring demand – the beta of future growth.


A highly concentrated global equity strategy that targets companies that provide innovative solutions to society’s underserved needs, and thereby have strong growth potential.


Focused on companies exposed to the drivers of future growth, we aim to invest in future leaders rather than today’s index heavyweights.

Theory of change

As an essential part of the investment case for each portfolio stock, we connect their outputs with positive impacts on society and the planet, and return prospects for investors.

Impact themes

Our nine themes are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing exposure to sources of future growth and supporting greater prosperity.

Impact themes

Each theme helps us to define, validate and report on positive corporate impacts. Together, they link with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an ambitious and universal set of objectives agreed by UN member states. This enables us to focus on businesses whose positive impacts are aligned with the growth drivers of tomorrow – and therefore the interests of long-term investors.

Engaging for impact

One of the most powerful forces in investment is the compounding of returns. It is why sustainability is the ultimate objective of business and forms the core of long-term value-creation processes within companies. Reporting and measuring on impacts achieved is essential to fostering strong relationships between companies and their investors. Active and collaborative corporate engagement, therefore, is an essential part of the approach and results in better alignment between all stakeholders in a business and encourages investors to take a truly long-term perspective.


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