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Fixed Income

  • 21/01/2020
    Weekly Credit Insight
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    The outlook for emerging markets has improved
  • 14/01/2020
    Weekly Credit Insight: high-yield energy supply surges
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    Primary-market issuance in the energy sector surges
  • 17/12/2019
    Weekly Credit Insight: opportunities in UK credit
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    The UK credit market has experienced heightened volatility since the Brexit vote
  • 13/12/2019
    Amplified: three themes to watch in 2020
    Aoifinn Devitt
    What is on the horizon for financial markets as we enter a new decade?
  • 12/12/2019
    Weekly Credit Insight: the low-yield environment has depressed coupons
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    Coupons across global credit markets have plummeted and now stand at all-time lows
  • 10/12/2019
    Seeking protection in mispriced miners
    Anna Chong
    We think that credit markets have failed to account for several risks that miners face and have sought defensive positions within the sector.