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SDG Engagement Equity marks one-year milestone: part two

In December 2017, we launched SDG Engagement Equity, which aims to generate strong investment returns while creating positive impacts on society through engagements focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A year on, Simon Mumme, Director of Content, sits down with Hamish Galpin, Lead Manager, and Will Pomroy, Lead Engager, to reflect on the past 12 months and discuss their objectives for 2019 in a two-part episode of Amplified.

In part two, Mr Galpin explains how management teams are keen to listen: 

"The whole sustainability idea has gone from being something that management think they ought to consider to something that they need to consider. 

"It is now a boardroom agenda item." 

SDG Engagement Equity marks one-year milestone: part two

To listen to part one of this episode of Amplified, click here.

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