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Fixed Income

  • 28/07/2021
    Your Questions Answered by Unconstrained Credit
    A quarterly series featuring the top 10 questions that clients and prospective clients ask our investment teams.
  • 28/07/2021
    Dark matters in finance: why climate change is bending bank disclosure standards
    Filippo Alloatti
    Climate change is pushing the boundaries of financial risk disclosure into unknown territory.
  • 16/07/2021
    Credit Pulse: market update – 16 July 2021
    Andrew Jackson
    In our latest Credit Pulse, we look at bankruptcies and recovery rates, and present a case study on an energy fallen angel.
  • 30/06/2021
    Fiorino: banks versus shadow banks, a heavyweight battle emerges from new financial fields
    Filippo Alloatti
    Money gives weight to power, with the all-pervasive field of banking typically behind this transformation. However, as Fiorino discovers, a previously hidden force in the banking universe is now revealing its massive influence...
  • 23/06/2021
    Credit Pulse: Three years of Unconstrained Credit – 18 June 2021
    Andrew Jackson
    In our special Unconstrained Credit-focused edition of Credit Pulse, Dan Churchouse, Head of UK Wholesale, is joined by the Fund’s portfolio managers as they mark its three-year anniversary.
  • 21/06/2021
    It’s not easy being green: analysing corporate treatment of carbon-intensive activities
    Mitch Reznick
    Companies are recognising the benefits of being seen as a decarbonisation leader.