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Powering the future: how demand for renewables is disrupting energy markets

From the cost of renewables to exciting new technologies, we discuss the disruptive power of renewable energy.

In this episode of Amplified, Eoin Murray, Head of Investment asks Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, with the Climate Group, and Maxine Willie, Investment Analyst, about the disruptive power of renewable energy: how has the business case for sourcing renewables changed in recent years? How big is the renewable energy opportunity for investors?

“Renewable energy is now the right thing to do for your business,” says Kimmins, Head of RE100 – a global corporate leadership initiative bringing together influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. That’s because the price of renewable energy has fallen considerably in recent years. Since 2010, the cost of wind power has dropped by 49%, while solar energy has fallen by 80%.

For Wille, costs are the agents of disruption: “Cost competitiveness is the one to monitor when thinking about the growth of the renewable energy opportunity.”

As energy use and production account for two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions today, Wille adds: “renewable energy is one of the best available means for us to decarbonise the world.”

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