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  • November 26, 2018
    In a few short years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been ingrained in the European retail calendar with outlets publicising their deals days or even weeks in advance. Gone are the days of hordes of consumers queuing outside shopping centres at 4am in a desperate bid to have their first pick of the sales with only a quarter of all Black Friday spending expected to take place in stores1. The queues have instead moved online, swapping the fresh air and elbowing for a comfortable chair, broadband connection and a few clicks of a mouse. With fears of oversaturation, Chi Chan, European Equities Portfolio Manager, asks whether the online market is still in its prime and identifies three companies involved in the online revolution.
  • December 12, 2016
    The lure of exciting ‘blue-sky’ stocks is understandable. Visionary companies like Tesla have the potential to generate enormous returns, if they can harness and monetise innovative ideas. Unfortunately, these types of stocks also carry considerable risks. Value is often intangible and unsupported by near-term earnings, while P/E multiples can be dizzying. Furthermore, investors may face stock dilution in the event of further rounds of fundraising, says Chi Chan, European Equities Portfolio Manager at Hermes Investment Management.