Three routes.
One destination.

Long-term investing which aims to enrich investors, society and the environment

Three routes to Sustainable Wealth Creation

An increase in sustainable funds has helped to satisfy rising demand for investments that deliver profits with principles, but, makes navigating the landscape harder for investors. In their pursuit of Sustainable Wealth Creation, which pathway should they take?

We have reclassified our product range under three distinct and clearly labelled categories or pathways.

Choose your primary investment objective:

Active ESG


Responsible, active investing for long-term performance.


Financial & Sustainability

Thematic and values-based approaches for sustainable outcomes.


Financial & Impact

Mission-led investment strategies to create positive impact.


Active esg

The Active ESG pathway offers a range of products that best serve investor needs. Along the way, they offer a variety of differing styles: high conviction, diversified, thematic and contrarian.

What they all have in common is their best-practice integration of deep-dive ESG analysis. This includes insights from the broad range of engagement activity with policymakers and companies undertaken by EOS at Federated Hermes, our specialist stewardship services team. In this, we see ourselves as partners, working alongside companies to drive positive change.

Key attributes

Capital growth

Our strategies target strong, consistent capital growth throughout market cycles.

High active share

High-conviction active investing as shown by the differentiated weightings of our capabilities relative to their benchmarks.

Fundamental research

Intensive, bottom-up research which considers corporate fundamentals, ESG factors and the economic backdrop.

Long-term investing

We take advantage of enduring structural change, secular growth drivers and mispriced securities.

ESG and engagement

ESG analysis is integrated throughout, and we engage companies in conjunction with stewardship team EOS.

Close collaboration

A skilled, experienced team applying its diverse expertise in a collaborative environment.



Our sustainable pathway offers exposure to the best-in-class companies that are driving the transition to a zero-carbon world, or innovative companies with the potential to affect change through their own operations or their products and services.

Alongside a clear financial objective, strategies in this pathway have additional ESG-focused objectives, such as delivering a lower environmental footprint than the benchmark across carbon, water and waste, for instance.​

From companies addressing social inequality, to resource management and circular economy, or to those adapting their business to align with a low-carbon world. We invest and engage over the long-term to drive real, scalable change.

What defines a sustainable company?

A profitable, competitive and resilient business model

Evidence of strong or improving ESG factors

Products and services that benefit people and the planet



Impact strategies generate (or have the potential to generate) a positive societal or environmental impact. Our mission-led investment strategies seek to deliver real world change in the following ways:

We invest in companies that deliver intentional and additional impact, one that is quantifiable, and which we can monitor and report on. ​We use effective engagement as a catalyst to progress companies towards making a material difference to the world in which we live.

Key attributes

Investing for positive societal or environmental change

Delivering quantifiable impact

Using engagement to make a difference

Our approach

Our focus on Sustainable Wealth Creation aims to ensure that all our investment capabilities are guided by this philosophy and driven by a fusion of four characteristics. These are:

SWC equation

High-active-share fundamental investment.

Best in class ESG integration in public and private markets.

Effective and active stewardship to act as responsible owners.

Overseen by the Responsibility Office

Our investment capabilities aim to deliver Sustainable Wealth Creation through active, responsible investment and effective stewardship over genuine long-term horizons, promoting intergenerational fairness.

Classifying our funds under Sustainable Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)​

Set up by the EU and effective from 10 March 2021, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) looks to improve transparency among financial market participants in relation to sustainability-related information. SFDR requires asset managers to provide standardised disclosures on how environmental and social factors are integrated at both the entity and product level. 

We support greater transparency and a clearer framework around how environmental and social factors are considered in financial markets.

Under SFDR, funds are classified in three categories:

Article 6

  • Financial products not covered by Article 8 or 9
  • Product Characteristics: Makes sustainability risk disclosures and may integrate ESG safeguards.

Article 8

  • Financial products promoting environmental or social characteristics
  • Product characteristics: Strong, demonstrable consideration of ESG factors in the investment process.​

Article 9

  • Financial products with a targeted sustainability objective​
  • Product characteristics: Specific sustainability objectives and intentionality, which can be measured and reported on.​