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We look to invest in the winners that emerge as efficient and sustainable businesses.

Emerging markets are establishing sustainable growth rather than the old model of cheap labour, cheap land, pollute as much as you want. Now is the time for them to find their niche in the global supply chain.

Gary Greenberg

Lead Portfolio Manager

Experience & rigour

Manager Gary Greenberg has three decades of investment experience.

Truly active management

A concentrated portfolio with a high active share, invested long term.



Flexibility to invest across the market capitalisation spectrum.

From top to bottom

Bottom-up analysis finds quality companies trading at attractive valuations. This is integrated into a top-down framework that identifies positive conditions for growth.

Quality & safety

Buying quality companies at a discount gives a margin of safety.

Integrated ESG

Environmental, social and governance factors are integrated into our analysis.

Risk management

Risk is assessed at a stock, sector and country level. The team also considers ESG elements as part of their assessment of risk. This analysis is supported by Hermes EOS, our in-house engagement service. The investment team’s analysis of risk and opportunities feeds into their allocation decisions, which are focused on risk-adjusted returns.


2017 Investment Week:
Fund Manager of the Year Winner Global Emerging Markets

Investment Week - Fund Manager of the Year 2017 - Global Emerging Markets

2017 Financial Express:
Alpha Manager of the Year Emerging Markets

Financial Express Winner Emerging Markets 2017

2017 FT Advisor 100 Club:
Global Emerging Markets Fund of the Year

FT IA 100 Club-Award 2017 - Hermes Investment Management


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