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Going mainstream: how ESG investing has evolved in the past six years

As our Global Equity ESG capability marks its six-year anniversary, we examine how ESG investing has powered into the mainstream during that period.

In this episode of Amplified, we join Lewis Grant, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Louise Dudley, Portfolio Manager, during one of their weekly catch-ups back at our head office. This week they look back at six years of Global Equity ESG: from the surge in data providers to an increased interest in the topic, they discuss how the ESG investing landscape has evolved. 

Louise says: “The people at the top end of the financial food-chain have started to articulate how some climate-related financial risks should be taken into account, including scenario testing, thinking about green terminology and frameworks.”

While Lewis adds: “People on the streets care about this [climate change]. Millennials are showing increasing interest and school students are joining protests across the world. But we’re also getting support from the top down. There is an increasing focus and resources – and a reason to do this, which is a great message.”

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Today, we look back on six years of Global Equity ESG.
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