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Catalysing impact: how investors can fight climate change

Amid the dislocation of the coronavirus, it is easy to forget that just a few short months ago the debate about the climate crisis – and our collective response – was gaining momentum. In the first of two special climate-focused episodes of Fundamentals, we ask: is climate action taking a back seat to Covid-19? And what role can impact strategies play in tackling the most defining challenge of our time?

Has Covid-19 shifted the momentum of climate change?

In episode four of Fundamentals, Aoifinn Devitt, Head of Investment – Ireland, is joined by Will Pomroy, Lead Engager – SDG Engagement and Small & Mid Cap Equities, and Ingrid Kukuljan, Head of Impact Investing, as they discuss the climate crisis.

Despite the world’s ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic, for Pomroy, the climate crisis has not taken a back seat in the minds of long-term investors. He explains: “It is very much still front and centre of many of the conversations that we are having with companies.”

“It requires attention and change by companies, by investors and ultimately by governments in the immediacy to have any chance of us being able to make meaningful change.”

Kukuljan sees the pandemic as a “catalyst to accelerate the existing trends of increasing awareness of the risks around climate change.”

Making a meaningful contribution towards tackling climate change

Our impact strategies make a meaningful contribution towards tackling the climate crisis. For example, our Impact Opportunities team focus on megatrends – climate change is one of the key megatrends for them.  “We see renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy efficient housing as some of the main pillars in the fight against climate change,” Kukuljan says.

Meanwhile, our SDG Engagement Equity team engage companies on the topic of the climate crisis. Pomroy explains: “We think about where a company can make a meaningful contribution towards climate change through its supply chain, through its direct operations or through its product innovation and solution division.”

Kukuljan adds: “engagement is key to companies becoming more impactful and reaching their goals.”

To find out more about the role our impact strategies play in the fight against climate change, tune in to Fundamentals.

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