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Fixed Income

  • 29/03/2021
    Weekly Credit Insight
    Andrey Kuznetsov
    Dispersion in year-to-date returns across various parts of the global credit universe.
  • 15/03/2021
    Pricing ESG risk in credit markets: through volatility, our conviction affirmed
    Mitch Reznick
    Companies with better ESG practices tend to have lower CDS spreads, even after controlling for credit risks.
  • 12/03/2021
    Credit Pulse: market update – 12 March 2021
    Fraser Lundie
    How does the fixed-income team use different types of loans to protect investments from inflation in this current environment and why have asset-backed securities (ABS) grown more attractive as concerns over rates increase?
  • 12/02/2021
    A changing climate in fixed income: 360°, Q1 2021
    Andrew Jackson
    In a sustainability-focused edition of 360°, we explore how sustainable finance shifted from a niche corner of the market to a position of prominence.
  • 12/02/2021
    Credit Pulse: market update – 12 February 2021
    Andrew Jackson
    What are our views on fixed income markets for the next coming months? How does the team prepare for the different possible outcomes?
  • 11/02/2021
    The latest evolution of distress language in CLO documentation
    Emeric Chenebaux
    With greater flexibility afforded to the manager, what can debt investors reasonably expect from changes made to documentation for collateralised loan obligations (CLOs)?