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  • 25/02/2021
    No time like now: why investors are moving on ESG
    Eoin Murray
    We take a trip down memory lane and into the future with ESG...
  • 19/02/2021
    Leading the way in climate-related engagement: Federated Hermes achieves A+ score in InfluenceMap study
    Federated Hermes ranks among the top five firms in a study focusing on the climate-related engagement efforts of the world’s 30 largest asset management groups.
  • 10/02/2021
    Future financial footprints: Europe takes next steps on sustainable legs
    Ingrid Holmes
    We map out the most promising routes ahead to reach the HLEG destinations.
  • 05/02/2021
    The Circular
    Rounding-off a truly (we hope) one-off year, The Circular returns with must-read environmental, social and governance (ESG) news to sustain investors for another quarter and on to 2021... Here we’ve summed up our recent insights on ESG investing to bring you the latest edition of The Circular.
  • 05/02/2021
    Setting our climate change expectations for investee companies
    We recognise the imperative for collective action to limit global average temperature increases to 1.5°C
  • 27/10/2020
    The red and the blue – updates from the US, October 2020
    Steven Chiavarone
    In this webcast, Clive Selman, moderates a discussion with colleagues Phil Orlando and Steve Chiavarone to hear their thoughts on the US elections and the impact on 2020’s final quarter and beyond.