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Impact Report, Q3 2019

Measurement is one of the key pillars of impact investing – alongside intentionality and additionality – that distinguishes it from other traditional forms of investing. However, in a rapidly growing market, impact measurement is not a straightforward science.

In our latest Quarterly Impact Report, we present our impact measurement philosophy and demonstrate how we apply it using two case studies.

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This month on Amplified, Maxime LeFloch, Investment Analyst, and Mohsin Ahmad, Senior Investment Analyst, discussed the impact theme of food security: is the world ready for a meatless future?

Although plant-based meat alternatives are growing fast, we’re still consuming too much protein, said LeFloch. “We need 56g of proteins every day. But according to the World Resources Institute, the average person across the world eats 68g of protein per day.”

We’re also eating the wrong types of protein, such as meat. Ahmad added: “Meat and dairy provide just 18% of global calories yet use 83% of farmland.”

To find out more, listen to our latest episode of Amplified: An appetite for change: building a sustainable food future.


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