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Amplified: the social and economic story of Wellington Place

Intrinsic to our ability to generate positive impacts through RPI is the concept of meaningful place-making: urban places where people want to work and live, in which they take great civic pride, and which they want to support through social, economic, leisure and community-based activities.

In this episode of Amplified, Tatiana Bosteels, Director of Responsibility across Hermes’ private markets teams and Chris Darroch, Director of Fund Management at Hermes Real Estate, explore the concept of meaningful place-making. They focus in particular on Wellington Place in central Leeds, one of the team’s nine place-making projects in the UK, which is the subject of a recent and independent report that measured the range of outcomes created by the development, and how they are impacting stakeholders.

Chris Darroch says: “we are delivering sustainable returns for our clients whilst also having a wider impact on the wider community, which is an important facet from our client’s perspective”.

This is the second in a series of podcasts focusing on our Impactful Intent framework, which identifies core impact investment themes and sustainable outcomes that support the delivery of the UN SDGs.

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