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A global leader in active, responsible investment, we are guided by the conviction that responsible investing is the best way to create long-term wealth.


Seeking outperformance with positive outcomes, we aim to deliver Sustainable Wealth Creation that enriches investors, society and the environment.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

 Source: Federated Hermes as at 31 December 2023. Please note, the total AUM figure includes US$48.8bn managed by Federated Hermes Limited, of which US$7.8bn of assets are managed or under an advisory agreement by Hermes GPE LLP (“Hermes GPE”). US$99.1m of total group AUM figure represents Federated Hermes Limited mandates under advice. *In 2023, FHL received 5 stars in the Policy Governance and Strategy, Fixed Income Corporate, Fixed Income Securitised, Fixed Income Private Debt, Real Estate and Infrastructure modules. We scored 4 stars on the Listed Equity – Active Quantitative, Listed Equity – Active Fundamental, Fixed Income SSA, Private Equity and Confidence Building Measures modules.

Important Note: We have received reports of firms impersonating Federated Hermes companies, please be aware of companies with similar sounding names, as they may not be legitimately connected to Federated Hermes. Find out more here.

Our investment propositions

From best-practice ESG integration to SDG investing and impact, we offer many pathways to Sustainable Wealth Creation.

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Meet our people

Our investment, stewardship and advocacy experts are industry leaders in practice and philosophy.

William Gibby

Residential and International Fund Management Director

Whitney Spiegel

Vice President
Tom Bolton

Tom Bolton

Managing Director

Steven Pugh

Managing Director

Stephen Auth, CFA

Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Equities

Stefan Arneth, CFA  

Director, Private Markets (DACH)

Three pathways seeking Sustainable Wealth Creation


Since 1983, we have driven the evolution of best-practice stewardship and are one of the world’s largest providers of engagement and stewardship services today

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