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Your Questions Answered by Hermes Direct Lending
We are joined by the Hermes Direct Lending team for our quarterly Q&A series.
Global Equity ESG marks six-year anniversary
Today, we look back on six years of Global Equity ESG.
Macro Watch
Your guide to this week's big economic events.
The Circular: keeping you in the sustainability loop
Our key analysis and insights about sustainable investment.
For us to invest, JBS's governance must match its financial strength
Why JBS needs a stronger and more independent board to move on from its tainted past
360° – Fixed Income Report, Q2 2019
Where next after the market's fall and rise?
Impact Report, Q1 2019
We examine our exposure to the circular economy theme, with a deep-dive focus on plastics.
European elections in an era of economic and political disruption
The stakes are high for elections to the European Parliament in May.
Webinar: how we seek growth opportunities across Europe
To find out more view the recording from our latest webinar with Tim Crockford.

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