Volatility persists amid global uncertainties

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Short duration credit: ride the wave

Fast reading Bond yields have risen to such a level that the carry an investor receives in short duration debt should provide more than adequate compensation for any changes in bond prices. A global approach, trading in multiple currencies, can allow an element of arbitrage to capitalise on opportunities that may arise – between one […]

SDG Engagement Equity Q1 2024 case study

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US and Europe on divergent rate cut paths

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Making the most of your cash: demystifying the money markets

There is far more to the money markets than is suggested by their reputation as a holding station for cash. The asset class can offer flexibility, diversification, shelter from market volatility and, in an environment of elevated interest rates, they can deliver compelling yield. In this article, we outline what the money markets are, how […]

Impact Opportunities Equity, Q1 2024

Fast reading A thematic approach: Our exposure to the UN SDGs Why is financial inclusion so important? And what are we doing to address it? Case study: Bank Rakyat Case study: Experian Download Archive: Previous editions Please see previous editions of our Impact Opportunities reporting below: Impact Opportunities, Q4 2023 Impact Opportunities Annual Report 2022 […]

Sustainable Global Equity, 2023

Fast reading: Investment review, 2023 Engagement overview: 59 engagement objectives with 42 companies engaged Thematic focus: How life sciences are enabling today’s healthcare treatment – and tomorrow’s healthcare innovation Engagement case study: Lonza Group Engagement case study: Thermo Fisher Sustainable Global Equity, 2023 Download Archive: Please view previous reports below: Sustainable Global Equity, June 2022-23 […]

China: The unloved trade

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Investing in the now

It is hard to live in the present in general, but that is particularly true in business and finance as so much is predicated on what comes next. Whether it is the big ‘E’ in the equation for determining future value or the lower-case ‘e’ of the word itself, expectations rule. But in the case […]

Meet the Manager: Henry Biddle

What’s your role at Federated Hermes? I’m a portfolio manager on the US Equity Strategy and on the Sustainable Global Equity Strategy. How did you get started in your career? I started off straight out of university, training as an accountant with Deloitte. I did that for four years, as I wanted a broad base […]