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SDG Engagement Equity Fund 2022 H1 Report

Steady progress

4 October 2022 |
The Federated Hermes SDG Engagement Equity Fund has the dual purpose of delivering attractive returns and measurable real-world impact.
SDG Engagement Equity H1 2022 Report

To borrow a sports commentator’s cliché, it was a game of two quarters in the first half of 2022. In addition to the obvious geopolitical concerns over Ukraine, pricing power was a major worry for the market in the first quarter. However, Q2 saw a reversal for many of the pricing power stocks after reassuring statements in the reporting season.

In terms of engagement, we have continued to maintain positive dialogues with companies across our portfolio. With no new names added in the period, engagements are often now mature with relationships established and dialogues progressing.

In our 2022 H1 Report, we reflect on our engagement efforts so far this year, present our investment review and take a deep dive into SDG 13 (climate action) and reflect on our progress in this area.

To find out more, read the full 2022 H1 Report.

SDG Engagement Equity H1 2022 Report

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