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European Equities Sustainability Report

11 May 2023 |
With the electric vehicle market close to an inflection point, the European Equities team explain why exposure through suppliers involved in the electric transition is the best way to play the EV theme.
European Equities Sustainability Report

Fast reading:

  • The electric vehicle (EV) market has the potential to deliver strong growth and long-term outperformance both in terms of financial returns and driving sustainable change.
  • Companies that provide key components to the auto industry and boast significant market share can provide a compelling way to gain indirect exposure to the market. We prefer to focus on suppliers developing products that we believe will prove integral to the electric-powered, self-driving vehicles of the future.
  • In this report, we look at three holdings that highlight this ‘indirect play’ on the EV theme: Epiroc, Sika Group, and Soitec, as well as charting our engagement progress and SDG alignment.

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European Equities Sustainability Report

European Equities Sustainability Report

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