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EOS 20th anniversary: stewardship reflections

EOS Insight
26 June 2024 |
In celebration of EOS' 20th anniversary, Leon Kamhi reflects on the changes he has seen in stewardship over the years and his vision for the future.

Founded in 2004 on a legacy dating back to 1983, EOS now advises on more than $1.8trillion¹ in assets. EOS’ constructive engagements with corporate boards and executives on environmental, social, governance and strategic issues enable investors to be more active owners of their equity and fixed-income assets, supporting stronger financial performance and better outcomes for society.

In this interview-style video, head of EOS, Leon Kamhi, reflects on the past 20 years of stewardship considering the various challenges and accomplishments for EOS and across the industry. Leon then turns to considerations and aspirations for the future of stewardship.

To read more about EOS’ engagement approach and activities, click here.

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