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Global Equity ESG

Annual Report, 2021

31 March 2022 |
Active ESG
Combining attractive fundamentals and good or improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics, the Federated Hermes Global Equity ESG Fund targets innovative companies that anticipate tomorrow’s challenges today.

After a strong year in 2020, the valuations of some sustainable investments detached from their underlying fundamentals, as naïve flows into ‘ESG assets’ chased opportunity. Given our clear ESG focus, this might have led to the Fund struggling against the benchmark; however, the diverse nature, and active management, of the portfolio helped the Fund keep pace with the market, despite the difficult environment for sustainability-focused stocks.

Our annual report explains our investment philosophy, examines our engagement highlights and ESG outcomes, and provides case studies illustrating how we integrate ESG and engagement into our investment process.

Federated Hermes Global Equity ESG Fund

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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