Insight across the fixed income spectrum

The significant repricing of EMD risk last year provides a pronounced opportunity for attractive forward-looking total returns. Even in an environment where interest rates plateau and dip over the next year, money market funds will continue to offer attractive yields compared to recent history. Federated Hermes real estate debt strategy seeks to deliver a return […]

Not your average credit cycle

Three things we learned: Issuers are preparing for a new normal. Nothing’s written in stone but higher for longer has already profoundly affected credit market fundamentals. Dispersion could be a central theme of 2024. Short-term money markets have not witnessed significant outflows… yet. Expectations are for asset growth to continue into 2024 but will be driven by institutional […]

Up then (marginally) down again

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Expert insights on the short end of the curve

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Short Term Investments Committee

Tech stocks take a tumble

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Euro-denominated short duration – only upside from here?