Emerging market debt: Darkest before dawn

Within the fixed income spectrum, EMD offers particularly compelling value on account of already having priced in much of the risk that other asset classes must negotiate in the year to come. Following the bruising sell-off in the first six months of the year, 20% of the EMD universe trades at over 1000bps in spread […]

Sustainable Global Equity Report, Q4 2022

The inflation game-changer

Will Brazil’s outperformance continue under Lula?

Brazil is at the end of its monetary tightening cycle; inflation is slowing down, and the country is richly endowed in energy and commodities. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Brazil has seen inflows worth about US$9bn into local equities. For bond markets, Lula’s victory in the presidential election could mean a shift […]

Credit markets? They’re too cheap to ignore

Fast reading: Yields and prices are at levels we have not seen for more than a decade, indicating that a moderate recession and even some systemic stress are already in today’s prices.  Investors in the investment grade market today are receiving a yield similar to one year ago from a CCC-rated index. How does credit […]

The art of going against the grain

Asia ex-Japan’s ten-year anniversary

‘Tis the season to be jolly? The retail outlook says otherwise

The economic outlook continues to weaken amid political and financial market turmoil. UK retail sales declined more than expected in September with volumes down by 1.4%, driven by rising prices and the cost of living crisis – and further exacerbated by the unplanned bank holiday heralded by the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. This […]

Central banks ramp up rates in shadow of recession

market snapshot

Markets take fright as Xi assumes total control

market snapshot

Standing out in Asian equities – Fund in 5

Presenting Federated Hermes Asia ex-Japan Equity Fund

The Credit Call: Unconstrained Credit, October 2022


Key topics include: Macro overview – what do inflation and Central Bank policies mean for credit and why should you maintain a credit asset allocation? 2020 vs 2022 – comparing and contrasting two different crises Focus on the Unconstrained Credit Fund – year to date performance, positioning and outlook Share: