A sea change for global shipping

Infrastructure case study

The COP conundrum

We need only take a cursory check of global weather in recent months to remind ourselves of the consequences of climate change. Over the summer, record temperatures in parts of the US, in southern Europe and in China affected the lives of an estimated 110 million people who regularly experienced temperatures above 40°C. In May and […]

Risks rise but markets hold steady

market snapshot

Biodiversity investing: three drivers of alpha

For glass-half-full enthusiasts, a scan of recent headlines about the health of our planet makes for grim reading. Not only was September the warmest on record, but the northern hemisphere experienced its hottest summer since records began. Globally in 2023, the world is on track for temperatures far in excess of the long-term annual average.1 […]

A bond market bruising

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SDG Engagement Equity Q3 2023 case study


SDG Engagement High Yield Credit, H1 2023 Report

In their latest report, our award-winning SDG Engagement High Yield Credit team explain what true engagement looks like. They provide an overview of recent performance and portfolio changes – along with a comprehensive breakdown of the shape of engagement in the first six months of the year. Fast reading: 101 of 121 companies engaged in […]

The ABS resurgence


Impact Opportunities, Annual Report 2022

Fast reading: Thematic focus #1: Clean water and sanitation for all. Thematic focus #2: Future Mobility – navigating the road ahead for EVs. Impact and performance metrics: All of the strategy’s holdings fit into one or more of nine themes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this report we delve into each […]

Biodiversity Equity: Annual report, 2022-3

Fast reading: Rainforests are biodiversity hotspots. When forests are lost or degraded, it sets off a series of changes that affect life both locally and around the world. While large-scale farming operations in cleared areas of rainforest are the primary culprit, there is evidence to suggest smaller environmentally-friendly agricultural methods can effectively replace existing commercial […]