Global Equity ESG, H1 2023 Report

The first half of 2023 offered investors a bumpy ride. Early optimism, driven by China’s economic reopening and signs of slowing inflation, received a boost from excitement around the potential of generative AI. While enthusiasm for mega cap AI-related stocks continued through to the second quarter, persistent inflation and a mini banking crisis muted expectations. […]

Why invest in emerging markets?

Recent headwinds should not detract from the long-term structural opportunity presented by emerging markets. Watch our video below to learn more about the case for investing in the world’s most dynamic centres of growth and to understand how our investment teams seek to mitigate risk with an integrated ESG approach. Please explore our website to […]

In search of silver linings

Market snapshot

Beijing faces limited options to tackle economic woes

A fixed income perspective

Investors must learn to navigate a less predictable world

There was a time when investors understood that geopolitics and, particularly, the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West, had a real impact on financial volatility and economies as it played out in a mixture of proxy wars and unusual diplomacy. As a young boy in East Jerusalem in the late sixties, I […]

Spectrum Q3 2023: No robots were harmed in the making of this report

In a 1962 collection of short stories, sci-fi sage Arthur C Clarke postulated his third law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Now, as we push through the second decade of the 21st century and into a future seemingly set up for AI, Clarke’s law appears more apt than ever. Through the […]

Fear and loathing in China?

A realistic risk assessment

Navigating China’s economic turbulence

Global Emerging Markets Equity

Sustainable fixed income: Five questions answered

Question one: How does engagement in fixed income work in practice? It’s a myth that engagement in the realm of fixed income is less effective than for equities. Our multi-decade experience of deep engagement with companies issuing debt illustrates this – and we have a solid track record that underlines how effective engagement can be […]

Fiorino: Can US consumers stretch debt reality?

Stone relief

Physics is broken. Every physicist knows the two fundamental theories of reality – quantum mechanics and general relativity – remain hopelessly estranged after more than a century of uncomfortable co-existence. Resolving this theoretical dissonance has consumed some of the biggest brains in science since the early 20th century. The most promising efforts to address the […]